Biography (Continued)

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I haven’t even counted my family, who send me moral support and provide printing services even though I have wandered dismayingly far from their fold; Dan and Judy Peterson, who have invested countless hours not only in managing my leftover Wisconsin affairs but also in forming the Amazon Medical Project, Inc.; Kim Stokes, who managed all our U.S. administrative tasks for over twenty years, and Melissa Traynham, who is doing that work now; and many friends who help in a myriad ways, from providing me with watercolor paints for my spare time to sending me Christmas cards to simply being friends.

That’s about it. I continue to be amazed at what has grown out of my little bag of instruments and handful of leftover vitamins.

Bote Pintado

For the last few years, I have been spending half of each year in the U.S., both for my own sanity, and in order for our local staff to learn to be more independent of me; which means I now do about as much supervising of our Peruvian staff as I do working personally with our patients. The pandemic stranded me in Wisconsin for over a year, during which we all learned to do more work remotely. In early 2022, we finally got internet service at the clinic, which will help with this.

But whether I am in Peru or in Wisconsin, I feel lucky to be doing what I am doing, and am immensely proud of our Peruvian staff and their abilities.